Seiken Densetsu 3

Trials of Mana (聖剣伝説3 Seiken Densetsu Surī, lit. “Holy Sword Legend 3”) is an action role-playing game originally published by Square (now Square Enix), and is the third game of the Mana series.

Initially released exclusively in Japan for Nintendo‘s Super Famicom console in 1995, Seiken Densetsu 3 was notable as being one of the hallmark games of the 16-bit era never to receive an official translation for Western audiences. As a result, it became a highly sought-after commodity within the virtualization community of the 2000s, gaining further notoriety for its gameplay, depth of story, replay value, and relative complexity of localization. An incomplete but playable English mod was released in 2000. No further development had occurred for the following sixteen years.

In June 2017, the game was included in the Seiken Densetsu Collectionanthology for the Nintendo Switch in Japan. The collection was released in June 2019 in North America with Seiken Densetsu 3 titled Trials of Mana. That same month, a remake of the game under that title was announced for worldwide release for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. As announced from Square Enix on September 4, 2019, Trials of Mana will launch April 24, 2020 at a price of US$49.99. Pre-orders are currently available. However, as with the Adventures of Mana and Secret of Mana conversions, the original staff will not be involved in the remake’s development.

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