Sunset Riders

Sunset Riders (サンセットライダーズ Sansetto Raidāzu?) is a Wild West-themed side-scrolling run and gun game released by Konami in 1991 for arcades. It later received home ports to the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis in 1992 and for the Super Nintendo in 1993.

Set on the Old West, Sunset Riders focus on a group of four bounty hunters, who seek to obtain the rewards for capturing various outlaws. Each stage is introduced with a Wanted poster, depicting the owtlaw who serves as the stage’s boss. The original Arcade machine allowed for simultaneous four-player action, with each character being locked to a player, while a later two-player revision allowed players to choose their character.

Sunset Riders plays very similarly to the Contra games, with players being able to shoot in eight directions. The stages often have two tiers of platforms, with players being able to jump between them by holding up or down while pressing the jump button. Along the stages players can find power-ups which increase their gun’s firepower and autofire, as well as various hazards which serve as obstacles but can also be used to the player’s advantage.

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